Thursday, January 20, 2011

Direction Blog Is Heading

It has been about a month of me having this blog and I still have not exactly settled into exactly what I want it to be.
Some things that I will start writing about:
1). Book Reviews
2). Stock Picks & Detailed Analysis
3). Financial Industry News
4). Reasons/How To save
5). Job Market
Anything that any of you can think of please email me with your ideas.
It is my goal to become very knowledgeable about finance and investing. I will do that through reading and studying of different subject matter.
I know for certain that I am a value investor, however I remain cognizant of overreaction to news items and finding good prices as a result of this.
A new post will be forthcoming each day that the market is open about stocks. I will sprinkle in additional posts throughout the week.

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